Brake Press Department

We have significant prototype capacity using state of the art Amada CNC Brake Press to eliminate tooling cost.

Advantages: Precise and bend several different size of clamp at same time. Again low carbon steel, stainless steels, and Aluminum are prototype with speed and precision.

CNC Amada Model 1003-12-foot brake press complete with Cybelec Modeva 3D controller.  This feature allows us to draw and simulate the process before bending, eliminating operator guesswork and ultimately assuring the parts are formed correctly.  The Servo driven hydraulic system allows us to hold tolerances to +/-.0004”, assuring parts will meet the print and be in-tolerance.  CAD/CAM simulation software provides for timely, accurate estimates.  Hydraulic clamping and sectionalized tooling reduce set up times as well as tooling costs for the customer.